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Healthy Living


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choose-health-la-kids-destinationNortheast Valley Health Corporation is committed to help our kids, familieMCAgst13s and community become a healthier and more satisfying place to live, work, learn and play. We partnered with Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and First 5 LA to bring Choose Health LA Kids to the communities of the Northeast San Fernando Valley and Sun Valley. Our goal is to improve nutrition, increase physical activity and reduce obesity in our communities. Parents, if you have a child age 0-5, our nutrition and health experts will teach you: How to shop for low-cost nutritious foods at your local grocery store, Choose healthier options when eating out, and Safe ways to be active in your community.


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resourse-guideWhere can I find affordable child care?  Where are classes on diabetes being held?

Where can I find low-cost dental services?

If you are looking for free or low-cost health, business and community resources, our FREE community resource guide is available online.

If you would like a hard copy, please call 818.270-9508.

First 5 LA Resources
Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Resources
Physical Activity Resources
Free/Low-Cost Resources for Pregnant/Post-Partum Women
Social and Health Services Resources


[su_spoiler title=”Grocery Store Tours ” style=”modern-light”]

grocery_group_3Not sure how to create delicious, healthy and affordable meals for your family?

Join us at our next FREE Grocery Store Tour.

Children are welcome…it is never too early to start learning valuable habits that last for a lifetime.


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Learn how to make healthy habits like physical activity, eating and sleeping well a part of your family’s daily life!

We will talk about:

Changing how we serve food
Healthy eating for your family
Reading food labels
Smart shopping strategies (plus a Grocery Store Tour)
Sugar sweetened beverages & physical activity
Healthy celebrations
Join our FREE and interactive Healthy Parenting Workshops.  We are currently enrolling for our exciting classes.  Please call Denise Torres in our health education department at 818.270.9508 x41544 to sign up.  Classes are being offered at:

LA Care Family Resource Center in Pacoima
NEVHC’s Sun Valley Health Center
San Fernando Parks and Recreation Center
NEVHC’s Pacoima Health Center


[su_spoiler title=”Parents Promoting Healthy School Fundraising – TEAM HOPE! ” style=”modern-light”]


boy_with_snackCome to our next TEAM HOPE meeting.  Call us today to see how you can join the effort to combat childhood obesity in your neighborhood.

Call 818.270.9508 for the meeting updates.