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Substance Abuse Education

Dependence on alcohol and drugs is one of our most serious national public health problems. Millions of people misuse alcohol or drugs. Most of them have families who suffer serious costs as lives and families are ripped apart by substance abuse.
Northeast Valley Health Corporation’s (NEVHC) Substance Abuse Division dates back to the early 1970’s.  An alcohol program was the first NEVHC service.  Today, NEVHC’s DUI Program serves approximately 750 clients and the Community Prevention and Recovery Program (CPRP) serves another 105.  Each day, these programs deal with the problem of substance abuse and, worse yet, families torn apart.


The CPRP provides recovery services to those seeking help from substance abuse. The program provides recovery group sessions, one-on-one counseling and referral services. All services are conducted in a relaxed and confidential environment.

Drop-In Center

The drop-in center provides a safe environment where a person can stay “Clean & Sober” for the day. The center provides refreshments, games, books and magazines. Counseling, information and referral services are available upon request. All services are provided by our friendly, experienced, culturally competent and bi-lingual staff (Spanish and English).

Outreach Activities

CPRP staff is available for substance abuse education, presentations, health fairs and other community events.

Social Recreational Activities

CPRP provides a Monthly Social Gathering where group participants interact with each other without the use of alcohol and drugs. Other activities such as movies, board games and TV viewing are also available.

Cost of Services

We provide all services on a sliding fee scale to financially qualified clients.

Other CPRP Services

  • Family counseling
  • Support services
  • Self help groups (AA, NA)
  • STI/HIV testing and teferrals
  • Sober living referrals
  • Substance abuse referral to treatment
  • DUI program




DUI clients are referred by the courts and must complete one of the following: a six week, three month, six month or 18 month program including education and individual and group counseling.  This must be done to complete a DUI sentence and, in many cases, it is required by the DMV to reinstate a driver’s license. The cost depends on the length of the program imposed by the court and can range from $262 for a six week Wet and Reckless Driving Education program to $2,027 for the 18 month Multiple Offender Program.

For more information, call NEVHC’s CPRP program at 818-361-1211 or the DUI program at 818-365-2571 to speak to a counselor.