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Celebrating National Health Center Week!

 During the week of August 13-19, NEVHC will join other health centers nationwide that serve over
25 million patients to commemorate National Health Center Week (NHCW).  This year’s theme is
“Celebrating America’s Health Centers:  The Key to Healthier Communities.” 
To celebrate, NEVHC is planning an array of activities to inform and educate the public, media, and policymakers
about the importance of health centers in our community. As part of NHCW, we invite you to join our
Advocacy Network to help protect the future of community health centers and support health care for all!


Join NEVHC's Advocacy Network


Fighting for the Health of Our Community!

Community health centers serve over 25 million Americans who are facing uncertainty under a
possible cut in funding for community health centers and the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
This translates to…1 in every 13 Americans and 1 in every 7 Californians who receive care at
community health centers; AND 1 in every 4 NEVHC Patients who risk losing health coverage.
Join us now in protecting our community’s health!




NEVHC is a vital part of our nation’s health center network,
serving nearly 70,000 patients annually in Los Angeles County.
Together, community health centers provide health care to millions of 
people in medically underserved communities across America.



Advocating for our community’s health since 1973